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The OSPT Alliance is shaping the Future of Transit Fare Collection.
The OSPT Alliance was formed to help the transit community move toward the next generation of secure, cost-effective, and flexible fare collection solutions based on an open standard. As part of this mission, the OSPT Alliance has developed the CIPURSE open standard for secure fare collection systems. Today, the OSPT Alliance is working with industry stakeholders around the world to shape the development and adoption of secure, standards-based fare collection technologies, applications, and services. Join today.

Who Should Participate
Open Standards benefit everyone and the OSPT Alliance is open to:

Transit Operators: Standards-based solutions reduce operating costs, reduce risk, simplify migration to new solutions, preserve existing investments, and cost no more to implement.

Transit Consultants and Integrators: With standards-based solutions, consultants can offer more cost-effective solutions to customers, gain opportunities to expand and enhance systems, help customers improve security, simplify deployments, and accelerate time to market for new solutions.

Government Agencies: Standards-based technology solutions have proven to reduce operational costs over time while increasing security and enabling transit systems to keep pace with changing requirements.

Solution providers: Software developers can develop a wider range of products and accelerate development with more re-usable code while increasing consistency.

Manufacturers. Hardware, card and chip manufacturers can bring new products to market more quickly while offering customers a wider range of interoperable platforms with the security required for today's needs.

Mobile industry: MNO's, TSM's, App developers and NFC solution developers can bring products and services to market with assurance of security and interoperability regardless of device hardware platform, mobile OS or application complexity.

Join the OSPT Alliance
Membership is open to all stakeholders in the public transit ecosystem. There are three types of affiliation: Full membership, Associate membership and Evaluator. All membership applications are subject to OSPT Alliance board approval.

Full Members:
Full membership is for companies that plan to develop commercial fare collection products and services based on the CIPURSE open standard. Full members have access to all benefits offered by the OSPT Alliance. Membership includes an implementation license and software development kit (SDK). The annual membership fee is EUR 5000.

Associate Members:
Associate membership is for transit agencies, industry associations involved in transit, and universites and research institutions with projects in public transportation. Associate members can evaluate the CIPURSE open standard and conduct internal development based on the CIPURSE standard. They may also participate in OSPT user groups and purchase the SDK. There is no fee to become an Associate member.

Evaluator Members:
Evaluators have access to the CIPURSE specification and are eligible to purchase a CIPURSE SDK after completing a click-through application. There is no fee to become an Evaluator. Evaluators may upgrade to Full membership with OSPT Alliance board approval and annual fee payment.

Join today!
Complete the membership application at http://www.osptalliance.org/become_a_member

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